Stainless steel color brushed door and window decoration features

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Most of the stainless steel wire drawing process is currently using water plating and vacuum ion plating, and vacuum ion plating is selected for the coloring of stainless steel wire drawing plates used in high-end architectural decoration places.

The doors and windows made of color stainless steel wire drawing metal materials are characterized by their bright appearance and sturdiness. After surface deep processing and coloring process, the surface gloss is extremely high, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, colorful colors, and The pane has a small footprint, and can also be made into a titanium-gold mirror panel for large-area lighting, and the appearance is beautiful and generous. The brushed plate produced by the stainless steel has the following characteristics:

1. The physical properties of colored stainless steel wire drawing board are good.

After testing, the color stainless steel wire drawing board can achieve airtightness of I-II level, watertightness up to class III, and strength up to class I. Therefore, the strength of the metal window of the drawing board is high, and the rigidity of the 30-story building is not problematic.

2, color stainless steel wire drawing board has high weather resistance

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