Application of stainless steel screen in home environment

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Many houses are now designed in small units. In a relatively small space, the use of screens is very necessary. The screen can temporarily partition the space. When there is a relatively private space when the guest visits, the movable screen can separate a relatively independent space. When it is not needed, it can be put away and placed. Will use too much space for the time being.

Young people always like new things, like to chase fashion trends, like to dress up their own home environment, experience different home patterns and home furnishings. The activity screen can be re-arranged and adjusted according to your own preferences and requirements, so that the home has a new look, and the mood can be refreshed, making your life more colorful and full of life. Using a hollow stainless steel screen, the light can be channeled to clearly separate the space without blocking the lighting. In a large space, if you feel empty, you can use a separate small space around the screen, which will be warm, and the screen has a certain sound insulation, but also allows you to have a relatively independent and quiet space.

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