Surface processing summary

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When stainless steel comes out of a large steel mill, it is a full roll, the surface is like a fog, commonly known as 2B surface; there is also a kind of surface called BA, the brightness of this surface is generally called 6K. Therefore, the stainless steel plates of various colors, patterns and shapes that we have seen are all processed later. The width of steel coils in large steel mills is limited, one is 1219mm, one is 1000mm wide, and the other is 1500mm wide. Therefore, there is no 1800mm wide and 1900mm long decorative stainless steel plate on the market.

Surface processing:

1, mirror surface (also known as 8K): the mirror surface means that the stainless steel plate is polished into a mirror through the machine, the light shines. Stainless steel coils can also be mirror finished.

2, drawing, snow sand, ordinary sand: drawing, snow sand, ordinary sand is also known as the matte, these three kinds of stainless steel is mainly the surface of the sand is not the same and called different. The sandstone of the wire drawing is the thickest and longest, the ordinary sand is second, and the sand grain of the snowflake sand is the smallest and the smallest. Of course, their processing machines are different. However, at present, some manufacturers need to make the surface of mixed sand, rather than grinding the snow sand first, and then do the drawing. Stainless steel coils can also be used for this type of processing.

The above two are the most important processes.

3, sand blasting: that is to say, the stainless steel plate surface presents a fine beaded sand surface. However, stainless steel blasting is divided into matt blasting and bright blasting. Matte means to take sandblasting when the board is still 2B, and the light is after grinding the mirror. This type of processing is theoretically possible with stainless steel coils, but there is currently no such production machine.

4, chaotic: also known as the pattern. The surface of the processed stainless steel plate will show a circle of sand patterns from a distance, and irregular chaos from a close view.

5, embossing, also known as embossing, that is, we see a small diamond, cube, square, panda pattern stainless steel plate. But when we go to the processing, we can use the coil material to do it. We can't do this kind of processing with a 4*8-foot sheet. After we need to emboss the grain, we can go to the flat plate to have the pattern we see. Stainless steel plate.

6, titanium plating: At present, many people say that the color stainless steel is actually a plate with a certain color on the surface after titanium plating, such as yellow titanium, rose gold, sapphire blue and so on. The machine that needs to be used for titanium plating is called titanium alloy furnace. When the color is used, the five pre-processed plates mentioned above can be colored, but the embossed stainless steel pattern is polished to 8-8K after 8K machine. The effect is to go to the color. There is still a need in titanium plating. The proposed method is to make black titanium, which can be done with a titanium alloy furnace. However, the most widely used method is to water black titanium, prepare a potion according to a certain ratio, and then put the sheet into the medicine. In the pool, the surface of the stainless steel appears black by electrolysis. Water-plated black titanium is generally better than vacuum plating. Therefore, many people refer to the plates made of rose gold color as rose gold stainless steel, or titanium gold plate.

7. Etching: It is the effect of making the unevenness on the surface of the stainless steel through chemical agents, or some words and patterns. Generally, the etched plates are subjected to pre-processing, and the color can be etched first, or etched before coloring. The etched pattern can be etched according to the pattern or text required by the customer, and the back side of the etched sheet is free of traces of the front side.

8, titanium back: Some people called the post-titanium plate called color stainless steel. As the name implies, titanium is first plated with titanium on the board, and then the color is removed at a specified location to achieve a specific pattern and shape.

9, laser: mainly divided into four: 1, mirror laser technology. 2, color stainless steel mirror laser process. 3, color stainless steel mirror pattern laser technology. 4, color stainless steel wire drawing etching pattern laser process. 5, color stainless steel mirror etching pattern laser process. The laser plate is an environmentally-friendly decorative material. The stainless steel laser plate keeps the stainless steel products smooth and smooth, and gives the stainless steel products a colorful color pattern, making the products bright, eye-catching, easy to clean and durable.

10, no fingerprint: is to attach a layer of oil on the surface of the stainless steel plate, after baking to achieve anti-fingerprint, anti-oxidation effect.

11, color stainless steel, stainless steel industry said that the color of stainless steel refers to: the surface of the stainless steel to do basic processing. Unlike titanium, etching, and embossing. The pattern can be determined by the customer. For example, customers can choose to do “Qingming Shanghe Map” or a color that can't be made of titanium. The plate made by this process has the same surface as the plastic, and the color pattern is also durable.

12. Laminating board: It is to laminate the printed film products to the surface of the stainless steel plate by sticking, which can produce very beautiful patterns and patterns.

13. Copper plating, copper plating on stainless steel surface. Some customers say that they only need to make copper color, then choose to make titanium-plated bronze. There are also many customers who ask for old and antique plates, which need to be water-plated bronze and water-plated copper. When the water is plated with copper, the surface does not need to be treated, because even if it is treated, it will be covered by copper. After the copper plating, go to the black wire, and finally go without fingerprints. The surface of the plate is not the color of the stainless steel, but the color of the copper.

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