Stainless steel decorative board

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1000*2000、1209*2438、1219*3048、1500*3000,Can be processed according to customer requirements。



Various patterns, geometric figures, processing and production of specified patterns according to customer requirements。



Black titanium, titanium, rose gold, sapphire blue, brown, brown, purple, bronze, green bronze, champagne gold, Japanese gold, rose red, purple red, etc. Can be processed according to the color requirements of customers。





Place of origin:




Lianzhong, Baoxin, Qingpu, Zhangpu, Taigang, Jiugang, Baosteel, rolled sheet



Depth of etching:








(1)Compared with embossing, the pattern is more irregular, and complete patterns such as landscape painting can be processed. (2) The decorative effect is good. (3) Strong corrosion resistance. (4) Its wear resistance, scratch resistance and scrub resistance are also very strong. (5) High processability. After the stainless steel is etched, the surface of the object can be further processed. The stainless steel etched plate can be processed in various ways such as local and grain, wire drawing, gold inlay and partial titanium.      




Bathroom panels, star hotels, hotels, entertainment venues, high-end brand stores, bathroom decoration for high-rise buildings, sign decoration, elevator decoration, cabinets, wardrobe decoration, elevators, hardware appliances, kitchen appliances, cabinets, building decoration, advertising Signboard, daily necessities, handrails, security nets/doors, handles, daily hardware, water hammer equipment, locks, lighting, tableware。             


(1) The corrosion resistance of the stainless steel etched plate is strong (especially the color etched stainless steel after plating), it can resist the salt spray corrosion for more than 10 years and the ultraviolet light does not change for more than 30 years, so in the long run, the stainless steel etched plate The price/performance ratio is very high, which can save a lot of customers.                 

(2) The processing performance is strong and can meet the requirements of customers in many aspects. (3) Do decoration, display high-grade. Enjoy the beauty of the viewer, and the price is affordable.


Cargo packaging:



1. Coiled plate: stainless steel surface film, the inner ring is made of paper roll, and the outer layer is wrapped with steel strip after being wrapped;                 

2, large plate: stainless steel plate, the surface film is packed into a wooden box, and the outer layer of wood is wrapped with a steel strip; 3, small plate: the surface is covered with a film, and the outer layer is wrapped with a steel strip. fixed.            

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